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Drawing of WAI clock.Drawing by William H. Branch

Clockwinders List

1948—John Rigby Director, John Rigby & Sons Ltd.
1949Reginald S. Brown Chief Metallurgist, Ryland Bros. Ltd.
1950H. Richards Marshall Richards Ltd.
1951Dr. Thomas Emmerson Director, GKN Ltd.
1952D. Thirkell Cox Director, British Steel Wire Association
1953Charles D. Gill Director, Spencer Wire Co. Ltd.
1954C.P. Rigby Director, John Rigby & Sons Ltd.
1955R.S. Bleckly & W.O. Copland Directors, Ryland Bros. Ltd.
1956John M. Avison Director, Ramsden Camm & Co.
1957Peter D. Gill Director, Spencer Wire Co.
1958Harold W. Rigby Director, John Rigby & Sons Ltd.
1959Douglas Gledhill Director, J.A. Binns Ltd.
1960James F. Cowen Chief Engineer, BICC Ltd.
1961C.F. Brereton Chief Metallurgist, RJN Ltd.
1962S.W. Horton Director, The Firth Co. Ltd.
1963Donald Stead Manager, Thos. Wood & Son
1964Kenneth G. Hann Director, Somerset Wire Co.
1965E.A. Shipley Technical Manager, British Ropes
1966R.H.G. Askew Manager, Joseph Sykes Bros.
1967Terence Cahill Director, Somerset Wire Ltd.
1968Philip M. Rambaut Director, IISWM
1969James Fouldes General Manager, Tinsley Wire
1970John Siddall Director, Standard Wire Co.
1971R.T.V. Hay Director, MRB Ltd.
1972Reginald Hardy President, IISWM
1973Raymond Ripley Chairman, Richard Hill Ltd.
1974John Bolton Director, IISWM
1975J.G. Wilson Chairman, GKN Rolled Bright Steel
1976Michael Gledhill Director, J.A. Binns Ltd.
1977G.S. Firth Director, Smith Wires Ltd.
1978Frank Fox Chairman, Cleckheaton Wire Drawing Die
1979Peter J. Rigby Chairman, Rigby Maryland Ltd.
1980Roger Matzen Director, Hi-Draw Machinery Ltd.
1981D.S.W. Lee Director, Arthur Lee & Sons Ltd.
1982Rodney Hill Manager, Bridon Ltd.
1983D. Newbould Director, Tinsley Wire Ind. Ltd.
1984Peter Johnson Director, RJN Ltd.
1985W. Murray Tomlinson Chairman, MRB Ltd.
1986Angus McDonnell Director, Bridon Ltd.
1987Nigel A. Charles Director, MRB Ltd.
1988C.P. Rigby Chairman, Rigby Specialty Wire Ltd.
1989Terence Cahill Director, Somerset Wire Ltd.
1990George J. Dickens Director, John Shaw Ltd.
1991Terence Cahill Director, WAI
1992Darrell Fox Director, Foxton Wire Die Ltd.
1993Dilwyn Scrivens Director, Tinsley Wire Ltd.
1994Andrew G. Stacey Director, Bridon Ltd.
1995Peter Wilcock Director, KTS Wire Ind. Ltd.
1996David Young Director, Tinsley Wire Ltd.
1997Terence Cahill Director, Somerset Wire Ltd.
1998Peter J. Rigby Director, Handy & Harman (Europe) Ltd.
1999Peter R. Siddall Chairman, Siddall & Hilton Ltd.
2000Nigel Lane Director, Cold Drawn Products
2001Kenneth J. Scott Director, Holton Machinery Ltd.
2002Alan Stephenson General Manager, Bridon International Ltd.
2003Stephen Rutherford, The Bridon Group
2004David Thorpe, Unsco Ltd.
2005Mark Hayes, Institute of Spring Technology
2008David Michael (Sandy) Saunders, Worshipful Company of Tin Plate Workers
2009John Perry, Worshipful Company of Tin Plate Workers
2010Kate Kendall Siddall
2011Commander Chris Groves, Royal Navy
2012John Swain, Siddall & Hilton Ltd.
2013—Jonathan Rigby, Fox Wire Limited
2014—Robert Bache, Bacher Pallets Limited
2015—John Scott, Accent Wire

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