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Joint venture to be located in Belarus

Belarus and Kazakhstan plan to set up a joint company in the city of Orsha to produce copper and aluminum wire rod used in cable manufacturing.

A recent report by the Belarusian Telegraph Agency cited Vitebsk Oblast Governor Alexander Kosinets as saying that he met in September with representatives of the Embassy of Kazakhstan in Belarus on 25 September, and that the new plant will be set up in the city of Orsha. "Negotiations with possible partners are underway. Vitebsk-based companies Energokomplekt and Soyuz-Kabel are also seeking partners for joint manufacturing of various types of electric cables. The Kazakhstani business is showing a great potential for participating in these projects," he was quoted as saying.

The report said that Belarus' main exports to Kazakhstan include meat and dairy products, wooden goods and timber, wires and electrical conductors, fiber optic cables, carpets and floor coating, fiberglass products.

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