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Recent activities

  • Dear Friends

    We are one of the magnet wire manufacturer in India .

    I would like to know about quality suppliers of split type spring loaded enamel application dies. ( For Rectangular Magnet Wires ).

    If any one of you could help me i would be thankful to you.

    With Best Regards

    Read More... 10 days ago
  • Mr Mohsen Ajalloueian created a new topic ' Elongation calculate' in the forum.

    How can i calculate the elongation of rod breakdown machine
    to select the best rate of dies?

    Thank you
    Read More... 14 days ago
  • Mr Mohsen Ajalloueian replied to the topic 'Springback' in the forum.
    Thank you so much

    I got better results. i calculate elongation by below formula is that right?
    E% = [( D/d)² -1] × 100%

    This is our rod properties how do you evaluation?
    - Twist test -ok
    -Twist to break - 47
    - ∆L% - 40 %
    -IACD % - 100/3%
    - Oxygen (ppm) - 396

    Read More... 14 days ago
  • Mr Mohsen Ajalloueian thanks user 'Richard Burke' in the forum message ' Springback'.
    kunena.thankyou 14 days ago
  • Mr David Fei replied to the topic 'Questions about Tangent Delta-Temprature test' in the forum.
    Dear Richard,

    Thanks for your reply.

    I also studied a lot and find out the transition point is highly correlated to glass transition temperature. However, still left some questions as: why PU/PAI wire usually shows 1 transition points but PE/PEI shows 2 points?

    Some literatures claimed that is the property of isocyanate but none of them explained clearly nor with any chemical schema to prove it. So I still very confused of it.

    If that is not so bother could you please explain this for me? Or just advise me some reference that I can find out the answer of the reason to show different figure from different materials?

    With my best thanks & regards

    Read More... 22 days ago
  • Keep in mind that the important thing you are looking for is lubricity. While your supplier may suggest levels of concentration that should work for you, there are simple tests that can also tell you how good the solution lubricates. They have ben discussed at length earlier in posting.
    Read More... 22 days ago