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  • Peter J Stewart-Hay replied to the topic 'Cable splitter in my Appartment' in the forum.
    Hello there Mr. Yahya arr;

    The items that you call "cylindrical things" are frequency filters, designed to let the cable channels that one is paying for pass through while the other channels are blocked. The reason you are having difficulty removing a cable filter is that the cable company does not want people cheating by removing them and thus getting all the channels, most of them, for free. It requires a special tool, owned by the cable company, to remove a filter.

    If you are certain that your T V set is ok and that the cable filter has failed, the cable company then must replace it as it is part of their system.

    Quit playing around with your splitter and go after the cable company again.
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  • Mr Yahya arr created a new topic ' Cable splitter in my Appartment' in the forum.
    Hey everyone,

    I'm new here on the website.

    I usually always find out problems myself, but this time, I can't find a solution, and that's why I subscribed.

    [File Attachment: 2016-10-2222.03.03.jpg]

    This picture attached shows a cable splitter between me and al my neighbours. They are marked with appartement number (in yellow)
    Recently, I lost my TV signal and the cable company to which I'm subscribed to says that there's no problem on their side.

    I think someone took my cable and put it through those cilinder shaped things making it impossible for me to remove it.
    When I want to unscrew it, it moves the same direction, and when holding both, it's impossible to counterscrew.

    Do you know what these things(cilinders) are? and how to remove it?
    I was previously attached to number 5, and now on nr. 6.
    I think my neighbours changed it, but when I ring their bell, there's no response.
    I can't even remove the ones on nr1 as it turns freely without unscrewing..

    any ideas on how I can attach mine back?

    Thank you,
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