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  • Mr Alwin Paul replied to the topic 'hdpe for ehv cable' in the forum.
    Hi Kumar

    HDPE offers better mechanical properties when compared to PVC. Its harder, better resistant to moisture ingress, termite / rodent resistant due to hardness. This is one good reason why more often HV/EHV cables are jacketed with HDPE.

    In most cases to ensure the jacket isn't damaged after cable transportation and installation, HV / EHV cables shall be subjected to DC Voltage integrity test on jacket as per IEC 60229 recommendations. To enable this test, a conductive coating (eg. graphite) is applied on the jacket.

    Trust this shall be useful.
    Read More... 1 day ago
  • Dear Mr. Bogahawatte:

    The minimum bending radius of a cable depends on the :

    The Overall Diameter
    The Materials
    The Construction of the Core
    The Firmness of the Core.
    The Thickness of the Sheath
    The Environment in which the cable is installed in

    Often, the cable manufacturer has no idea of where the cable is going to end up so standards are written so that the cable conforms with those published standards. Buy the cable standards appropriate to your country or the many countries you are selling your products in and design and test your cables appropriately.
    Read More... 5 days ago
  • Dear Sir,
    i want to ask that the bending radii of a cable depends on the materiel of sheath or insulation. Specially for lshf cables there should be other specification than normal cable.
    Read More... 6 days ago
  • molybdenum wire replied to the topic 'Re: Molybdenum wire drawing' in the forum.
    TAGUTI Molybdenum Wire

    1. Strict material selection
    – selection of pure molybdenum materials and excellent electrical erosion resistance;
    2. High tensile strength
    – not easily fracture of wires;
    3. Low ductility – easily maintain stable tension;
    4. No protective covering on the surface, manufacturing stably and high efficient;
    5. Correct wire diameter to ensure the processing precision;
    6. Low wastage and long service life;
    7. High curl rate, straight wire, easily thread wire;
    8. Vacuum package, more than one year storage life.
    Read More... 15 days ago