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Recent activities

  • Peter J Stewart-Hay replied to the topic 'Copper wire drawing air quality' in the forum.
    Hello Mr. Kumar.K Senthil,

    The first thing we recommend is that you purchase the Nonferrous Wire Handbook Volume 3 from the WAI store:

    and the Nonferrous Wiredrawing Coolants Booklet from the WAI Store and start reading.

    Moreover we recommend you contact your wire drawing lubricant supplier/ manufacturer and obtain all the technical information you can obtain.
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  • Peter J Stewart-Hay replied to the topic 'Frequent wire breaks' in the forum.
    Hello Mr. Suman Roy,

    Sometimes, when you are running your machine very slow, you get chattering on the capstans inside the machine. If this is happening, there is indeed the opportunity for inclusion type wire breaks due wire shock and reduced cross-section area by virtue of the inclusions.
    Read More... 18 hours ago
  • Hello Mr Suman Roy,

    You have a measurement issue that is really difficult to solve.

    Read More... 1 day ago
  • Peter J Stewart-Hay replied to the topic 'Copper wire drawing air quality' in the forum.
    Thank you for your fast and prompt reply .It would be very much helpful if you please help me another suggestion on same query .
    Our motto is to produce best quality PVC Insulated Copper wire .
    Please suggest how to maintain and keep good quality copper drawing what kind of safety measure to taken ,Likewise ambient temperature ,humidity of environment ,moisture ,atmospheric air condition .,exposure of lighting and water quality .

    Early action highly appreciated.

    Awaiting for your reply ,

    Thank you for your time .

    Thanks & Regards


    Read More... 1 day ago
  • Hello Everyone,

    We are having weight variation in the take up bobbins. For example, Lets say The sample weight of Take up A is 7.78 gm/m. and for take up B is 7.79 gm/m. After filling 100 km in the bobbins, the net weight of Take up A should be near about 778 kgs and take up 2 should have 779 kgs. But we are having a net weight of 790 kgs (12 kgs more) in take up A and 792 kgs (13 kgs more) in the take up B.

    How is this extra weight coming in the bobbins?? We have kept the standard dancer pressure, used almost similar dies. Then what is playing in it to increase the net weight of the bobbin??

    Note: Some of the machines are giving almost equal net weight with respect to the sample weight.
    Read More... 7 days ago
  • Mr Suman Roy created a new topic ' Frequent wire breaks' in the forum.
    Hello everyone,

    We are facing frequent wire breaks in the Niehoff 32 line MMH101 multi wire drawing machine at a very slow speed, 15 m/s from the annealer section and sometimes from the wire drawing section. Analysing the break sample we found most of the breaks due to inclusion in the copper. Beside that another machine of Niehoff is being commissioned which is running at its rated speed of 35 m/s without any break with a lower standard copper than the previous machine.

    Can anybody suggest me what may be the possible reasons if lubricant concentration, dancer pressure, spool condition being maintained as per standard??
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  • Mr Monojit Deb replied to the topic 'Pressure variation in Dancer of MMH101' in the forum.
    Dear sir,
    If I am setting a pressure during starting a Job and getting a desired pressure how come the pressure changes in the middle of the bobbin the cylinders may wear with time but can the pressure vary in between the bobbin because of this wear in the cylinders? Can you also please guide me which tension gauge should be used to check tension and how to find variance after checking tension?
    Read More... 8 days ago