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Mr Christopher Howells


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Mr Christopher Howells


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  • We were playing around with an open flame and that helped. We have a plasma demo scheduled for Thursday.
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  • sorry for the double post
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  • a - Hopefully you had a process specification attached to your purchase specification. If you did properly define your wrapping and sintering process and the inks that you intended to use then the issue is clearly the incompatibility of the two processes.

    Dealing with specs that are extremely old that have been updated to allow things like Oasis but not necessarily vetted for compatability of that material with the process of banding marking.

    Dealing with banding marking in general is a pain it was prevalent 50 years ago but almost entirely replaced by inkjet, and laser marking. Only found one vendor still making banding equipment and they seem to be subject matter experts but are struggling to help solve our problem as well. They have specified inks that work well for FEP which isn't the same as Oasis in chemical composition but is pretty darn close. Dealing with Dupont directly and they aren't helpful in sharing information about what inks we should be using either.

    b - The ink banding minimum speed is obviously too fast. Can the manufacturer of the banding machine slow the banding machine down so that it becomes compatible with your wrapping and sintering process?

    it's 1950's technology and controls to match. wheels spinning throw ink at the cable from both sides, requires a minimum speed to achieve the centrifugal force to throw the ink.

    c - The ink smearing is the result of cold application of the ink banding process. The drying of the ink is a function of the the time it takes to evaporate the ink solvent. Can the ink supplier along with the printer manufacturer come to a modification of the ink without clogging the banding machine?

    We are preheating the material prior to inking to help adhesion and solvent burn off and heating again post inking but we aren't quite there yet. Problem with experimenting with different solvent levels is that at the speeds we have to run at every experiment we run consumes a costly amount of Oasis and I am hoping to find someone with some expertise to help narrow down the experiments.
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  • Really struggled to put colored bands on oasis wrapped and sintered primaries (26, 28 AWG size)

    Bought a banding machine but even with preheat and post heat having issues with smearing. Machine works on FEP primaries fairly well just not with the wrap.

    Can't band in line with wrap and sinter op because bander needs high minimum speed.

    Any suggestions?
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