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Willy M Hauer


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  • kunena.thankyou 180 days ago
  • Willy M Hauer replied to the topic 'Wire Buncher Troubleshooting' in the forum.
    Hi Christel,

    Are you using dynamic(pintle type) pay-offs of flyer?

    A double twist machine can be a highly productive machine but requires rather precise input:

    Wire diameter
    Residual elongation
    Wire tension (pls note that a tension differential is required between layer)
    Closing die quality
    Clear and clean wire path in the machine itself
    Correct correlation between pay-off tension and bow speed

    Best Regards,

    Howar Equipment Inc.
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  • Mr Samantha Bandara thanks user 'Willy M Hauer' in the forum message ' Copper Wire bunching'.
    kunena.thankyou 763 days ago
  • Willy M Hauer replied to the topic 'Cold drawing undersize problem' in the forum.
    Hi Eduardo,

    In addition to the prior comments a rotating die holder for the last pass might assist you in solving this issue

    Best Regards,

    Howar Equipment
    [File Attachment: FAline.jpg]
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  • Willy M Hauer replied to the topic 'Cabling on a Double Twist Buncher' in the forum.
    Hi Carlos,

    The configuration you are attempting nearly always require a pretwister. I have commissioned a number of machines throughout the world for applications like this, but always with a pretwister.

    It also will depend on the machine brand you are using as some of them have a wire path which is not ideal for such type of cabling.

    Try to pretension the core conductor higher and make sure that the conductor is not sticky.

    Best Regards,

    Howar Equipment
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  • Willy M Hauer replied to the topic 'Copper Wire bunching' in the forum.
    Hi Sam,

    Double Twist Bunchers (today really a misnomer since they are mainly used for stranding) are one of the most versatile and productive machines in our industry. They require, however, some rather rigid set-up parameters, starting with the correct wire tension, closing die, lay length etc.

    I beg to differ with Peter's sentiment that a double twist machine will produce an inferior product to a single twist machine. That was true 25 years ago, in the meantime double twisters produce perfectly valid 61 wire stranded conductors.

    The subject your are addressing cannot be simply answered by a few responses to your questions as there are too many possible variables in the process, starting from the material type, diameter, machine brand, to which standard you wish to produce and more.

    Best Regards
    Howar Equipment.
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