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  • Mr richard webb thanks user 'Peter J Stewart-Hay' in the forum message ' elongation'.
    kunena.thankyou 4 days ago
  • Mr richard webb created a new topic ' elongation' in the forum.
    Hi, I have a question about elongation and how to get better results.
    We are trying to get better elongation with a 1030 carbon rod being drawn down from a 7/32 or 5.5m rod being drawn down to two different sizes @.120 and .105. with the .120 using a .186, .160, .138, .120 we are only getting a .3 on elongation with a tensile of 155ksi. we need a .7 so my question is will using more dies increase the elongation? we have a Frigerio 7 block machine so we can use 7 dies if needed. also does a harder reduction in the first block help elongation?
    I havent tested the .105 yet.
    This is a toll processing job so im not sure of the chemical makeup of the rod. the 1030 im using is just some we have in house infact the company wants us to tell them what we need for the job so is there also a way to process the rod to help with elongation?
    We are considering using a 1020 carbon rod but im not sure if it will meet the tensile requirements? the .120 has to be between 145-160 ksi and the .105 from 145-175 ksi.

    Thanks in advance for any help
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  • Mr richard webb replied to the topic 'drawing lineup' in the forum.
    Thank you..
    Can you give me you opinion on the pressure dies? Is it better to have them tight to help melt the lube or really big? It seems to me that really big actually lets more pwder come thru that is overtaking the electrolyte? Am i wrong?
    We do suspect the rod is not actually being cleaned all the way with the mechanical descaling so the heavy lube is being used to help cover scale on the rod and make it drawable?
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  • Mr richard webb replied to the topic 'drawing lineup' in the forum.
    Can you tell me what you mean by "the borax could be the problem" please and thank you..
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  • Mr richard webb replied to the topic 'drawing lineup' in the forum.
    It is a Sodium tetraborate lube. Any other lube tried scratches the dies. We have tried Graphite lube also and it was the same or worse. It is possible the descaling with wire brushes isnt getting it clean and the borax lube is all that will draw semi clean rod i guess? We have tried several calcium lubes also but the die life is short. Are the big pressure dies a no factor in the amount of residual?

    Thank you for helping
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  • Mr richard webb replied to the topic 'drawing lineup' in the forum.
    It is a 9/32 1070 carbon. The firs die is a .239 and the second is a .206 with basically guide dies for pressure dies @.050 over.
    Its a wire brush descaler running 450fpm..the lube is a heavy duty lube with alot of it better to go bigger with the pressure dies or tighter so the lube will melt to a film instead of the powder that come thru? We have tried tighter pressure dies but it builds so much pressure in the paramount die holder the nibs have to be beaten out.
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  • Mr richard webb created a new topic ' drawing lineup' in the forum.
    Good Morning,
    I have a question about drawing descaled high carbon wire thru two passes. We are getting a heavy residual on the finish product that is going thru a plasma cleaning line to remove the lube. the process works but the problem we are having is the amount of residual entering the reactor is turning the electrolyte to syrup for a lack of a better word. we are filtering it but its overwhelming those also. The lube is 644N Blanchford lube that is heavy in borax. when the electrolyte turns to sludge it stops pumping thru the annodes and pretty much burns them up. As of now we have tried 50thousands over with pressure dies to try and eliminate some residual but it hasnt really improved anything. We are using Paramount die holders and dies.
    Could it be we are going the wrong way and need a really tight pressure die to help melt the lube? would that cut down on all the dust being carried on the wire and instead have a even melted coating? we are using standard 10-12 degree dies also.

    Thank you in advance for your help
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  • Mr richard webb thanks user 'Eduardo Anaya' in the forum message ' patenting rod size'.
    kunena.thankyou 42 days ago