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  • Richard Burke replied to the topic 'Springback' in the forum.
    Spring back failure indicates a lack of flexibility. You can have minimal elongation and poor spring back. I have never seen good spring back and failing elongation. First I would ask my rod/wire supplier to provide me proof of quality. check your equipment supplier directions. The supply wire should be soft of annealed. You should reduce it at least 30-40% but no more than about 80%. This should, if your copper wire is good, result in a product that has good elongation, good spring back , and increased tensile strength.

    The best finished Eire comes from the highest quality rod or rod that is made from "virgin" copper as opposed to reprocessed copper.
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  • Richard Burke replied to the topic 'Aliminium magnet wire' in the forum.
    Cleaning aluminum wire for enameling can be challenging but not impossible. Some use an ultra sonic machine. Other use their regular pre annealer. Some use a combination of the two. Challenge with typical preannealer is to get the wire hot enough that the quench water dries before it gets to the applicator. Aluminum wire is very soft so it is essential that you have a separate enamel supply and drain for the first pass. If you try to run all base coat passes throught the same applicator and enamel supply you run the risk of contaminating the enamel with aluminum dust and this will cause the wire to fail dielectric testing.
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  • Richard Burke replied to the topic 'IEC and Australian AS/NZS 3000:2007' in the forum.
    Ended up bring someone from Australia to do the training.
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  • Richard Burke replied to the topic 'Springback' in the forum.
    Peter, sorry about taking so long. Once log in got fixed all I got was a scrambled site.

    Spring back is the softness of the wire. You say several times that you have hard wire and your customers confirm this so let's look at a couple of things.
    1- What is the purity and quality of your copper rod? Quality starts here! If you rod is all recycled material it is entirely possible that your problem starts there.
    2- Here wire producers make rod and copper wire to ASTM specs and magnetwire producers make wire to NEMA specs. I had privilege of working at the same company as Marshall Yokelson and he showed us that there are area around 1mm when the specs don't agree.
    3- You are doing inline drawing. This machine is not designed to be a typical wire breakdown machine! The inline drawing machine should be supplied with soft wire and then reduced 30-80%. The inline drawing machine is designed to allow you stock fewer sizes of wire for enameling. Typically 3-4 supply sizes can be stocked and will allow you to enamel 8-12 sizes ( I am talking AWG sizes - obviously any number of specialty sizes can be made within the range of the machine).
    4- in the late 60's or early 70's at GCC Buena Vista we tried a BICC inline drawing machine and years later I bought several package SICME systems for the company I worked for and later even built a couple for SICME in the USA.
    5- One of the unique things about inline drawing is that when you supply it with good annealed wire, reduce it at least 30% and no more than 80%, the pre annealer essentially becomes a wire cleaning device depending upon the number of passes you make through the enameling oven and the enameled wire will have good elongating, a higher tensile strength, and good spring back ( meaning softer)! This is because metallurgical the grain structure is near perfect. I can dig out my books for the particulars.
    6- Any imperfection or reduction I rod quality will affect this as will over drawing or under drawing during the inline process.

    Summary: first thought is your problem is starting with the wire you are inputting.
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