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Richard Burke


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About Me

Personal Information

About me
40 years in the magnet wire industry with positions that include processing, product, equipment start up, design and construction and plant management. Corporate training, development for a college.

Company Information

City / Town
United States


College / University
Univ. TN- Chattanooga.: Univ. So. Dakota.
Graduation Year
1968 ; 2007
BS Engineering Mgt.
MA Education Administration/Adult Education

Recent activities

  • Richard Burke created a new topic ' Magnet Wire Enamel' in the forum.
    One of the best sources of information about the enamels you are using to make your magnet wire ( winding wires, transformer wire, et al) is your enamel supplier. They should be able to provide you with all manner of technical information and data.

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  • Mr Mohsen Ajalloueian thanks user 'Richard Burke' in the forum message ' Springback'.
    kunena.thankyou 710 days ago
  • Richard Burke replied to the topic 'Question about Wire Winding Procedure' in the forum.
    Interesting but not very informative. My first though would be that it is what the operator thinks works best. My second thought without knowing anything about the type or wire or sizes of wire is that the there is a correlation between size and the number of pulleys used.

    Please provide some additional details.

    Also while few new engineers seem willing, many years ago when assigned as the process technician/engineer in the wire mill of a magnet wire plant, the wire mill super asked if I was really interested in learning about wire drawing. Replying yes, he told me to go home, put on my old clothes, and then for the next two weeks do what ever (he pointed to an operator on the floor) that guy tells you to do. Believe me you will learn a lot by talking to the people on the floor doing the work!
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  • Richard Burke replied to the topic 'Springback' in the forum.
    I am not sure if you fully understand the Inline process. I am not a metallurgist but the more your cold work the copper the more fractured and irregular and smaller the grain structure becomes. The Inline drawing isis intended to reduce the number of supply wires that you need to make specific finished wire. Without inline drawing you need a supply reel that is the same size of the desired enameled wire. If your machine is a 6 head machine and can finish 10 different sizes, you will need 60 payoff reels to run all of those sizes. With inline drawing you might only need 2 different sizes to provide 10 finished sizes.

    Your pay off package can be larger because the wire will be larger and then drawn to the desired size. Since the inline machine does not operate at as high a speed as a break down machine, the grain structure is not disturbed (fractured) as badly as on a high speed drawing machine. Also since the input should be soft, the grain structure is larger. This allows the annealer to be a preannealer and primarily clean the wire. Annealing will then take place in the oven. Because properly provided inline drawn wire has larger grain size, the structure is more organized, when processed the finished wire will have near perfect grain structure, size, etc. resulting in an enameled wire that has good elongation, a higher tensile strength, and good springback.

    I know this explanation is an oversimplification of the metallurgical process but it works. If you have continued problems, I would do the following: insist that the copper provider give you paperwork documenting the quality of the rod. the next thing I would do is refer to my inline equipment manual and follow it or contact the equipment provider and ask them for assistance.

    I have always found that when you have problems, get back to the basics. Then document changes you make as you work to improve the problem(s). Never impelement multiple corrections without confirming which ones work.
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  • Richard Burke created a new topic ' Mobile Users' in the forum.
    Please develop a mobile app so that IPhone and IPad users can respond to the forum.
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  • Peter I'm not sure what the H is wrong but every time I try to log on there are problems and when I do log on my answers are not posted,

    profile 723 days ago
  • Richard Burke created a new topic ' Mobile Site' in the forum.
    Everytime I try to use IPad it tells me I need flash and Apple devices don't use flash. Please fix site so mobile devices can use it.
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  • Mr Mohsen Ajalloueian thanks user 'Richard Burke' in the forum message ' Springback'.
    kunena.thankyou 792 days ago