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Digital Advertising Opportunities

This responsive website can be viewed on any device giving advertisers the ability to expand their reach and site visitors instant access to your marketing message.
Ads can link to various media including website, email, PDF files, videos, or flash pages. Ad space is offered on a first-come, first-served basis and is billed on a monthly schedule. Choose from several locations within the site or opt for Run-of-Site (ROS) placement. These ads are delivered to the viewer based on individual pageview load.

Customer support for your digital ad campaign
Need help setting up your campaign? Ask your sales representative about available ad placements. Contact: Bob Xeller, Director of Sales or Shannon Timme, Sales Manager.
SELF-Manage your digital ad campaign
As an advertiser you also have the option to manage your campaign online. This option allows you to:
Step 1: Register as an advertiser
Step 2: Submit ad materials via the online portal and remit payment
Step 3: Start your campaign
Step 4: Receive performance analytics directly to your email
Accepted formats include: jpg, gif, animated gif, and png images. All ads have a 40KB maximum file size.

Submission guidelines
1. Submit files through the online portal or to your sales rep.
2. Include URL to which ad will link.
3. For more information contact sales 

Run of Site (ROS) Leaderboard
# of Placements: Ads will fill any available leaderboard position throughout the site, excluding homepage & HardWIRED.
Ad Unit: Leaderboard
Pixel Dimensions: 728x90
Cost per month: $400.00

# of Placements: 2
Ad Unit: Leaderboard and Medium Rectangle
Pixel Dimensions: 728x90 and 300x250 respectively
Cost per month: $600.00, $500.00 respectively OR $1000.00/package

WJI News
# of Placements: 1 Medium Rectangle per article page
Ad Unit: Medium Rectangle - Pixel Dimensions: 300x250
Cost per month: $300.00
# of Placements: 2 Skyscrapers
Ad Unit: Skyscraper - Pixel Dimensions: 120x600
Cost per month: $300.00/each

Additional Opportunities

WJI Digital Edition
# of Placements: 1
Ad Unit: Full page print ad pdf file at 8.125w x 10.875h
Pixel Dimensions: 585x783 jpg file
Cost per month: $600.00

HardWIRED eNewsletter
(10 issues per year/9,000 subscribers)
Ad runs simultaneously on HardWIRED landing page for the month the Newsletter is issued.
# of Placements: 3
Ad Unit: Leaderboard - Pixel Dimensions: 728x90
Cost per month: $600.00/each

Ask your sales representative for details on bundle package pricing and frequency discounts.



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