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HardWIRED is WAI’s monthly e-mail newsletter which features a short, original video on an educational or training topic. The goal of these videos is to provide practical value that can translate directly to better performance on the shop floor. Below is the latest five episodes of HardWIRED, to see other previous episodes, please visit our YouTube Channel.

Introduction to WAI's HardWIRED

WAI President Andy Talbot welcomes readers to the inaugural edition of HardWIRED, WAI’s new e-mail newsletter for the wire and cable industry. In this brief video message, Talbot describes what readers can expect from this new publication, including featured videos on current and educational topics.

S2:E4 - Annealing of Electrical Conductors, Part 1

This annealing video addresses principles that apply to both ferrous and nonferrous materials, with an emphasis on copper conductors. Dr. Horace Pops discusses property changes during annealing, impurities, and the issues that chemical analysis can often overlook.

S2:E3 - Lubrication Maintenance, Part 1: Dry Powder for Ferrous Wiredrawing

David Gzesh of Blachford Corporation offers tips for monitoring and maintenance of dry powder lubricant for ferrous applications. In this video, he addresses factors that change the lube composition in the soap box along with issues affecting lubricant flow.

S2:E2 - Hand Safety Pt 2

The second part of a two-part series, this video explores more ways to mitigate hand injuries at General Cable Corporation’s plant in Williamsport, Pennsylvania. Part 2 describes safe approaches to shipping and packaging, cable cutting, and coil and reel handling.

S2:E1 - Bull Block Calculations

Drawing expert Don Young explains how to determine what a bull block can actually pull. This video shows how to calculate not only what a given block is capable of, but also what die pull is needed to achieve a desired finish size.

S1:E10 - Plasma Surface Treatment

In-line atmospheric plasma treatment cleans, etches, and functionalizes surfaces to improve wettability and bonding. In this video (4:43), Ryan Schuelke of Enercon Industries explains how plasma technology works, including tips for maximizing effectiveness.

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