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What's the Features of SC Field Assembly Connector?

3 months 2 days ago #3017 by Mrs Bella Tse
What is SC field assembly connector?
In fiber optic cabling, it is required a connector assembly on-site in some situations. Typical examples are peer-to-peer installations, field installations or repair. Field assmebly connector(FAOC) is also called fast/quick connector, is pre-embedded fiber type connector, which can be installed and connected in the field. It is widely used for where need to quick connection, providing a quick assembly and stable performance. The construction tools are simple and portable, without power supply, and easy to operate, which greatly improves the construction efficiency and reduces the labor cost of FTTH. SC field assembly connectors are a common type of field assembly connectors for FTTx cabling networks.

What's the features?
Field-installable, flexible cabling
SC field assembly connector increases the flexibility of optical wiring design of FTTH network. Quick and easy fibre termination in the field. The simple assembly process offers convenience in assembling and flexible cabling. And it is also simply and easy to fix fiber or cable. The Field assembly connectors have already been widely used in optical distribution cabinet, optical testing instrument and optical transmission network.

High performance and high reliability
The FAOC is made with precision and high quality Zirconia ferrules and provides a highly reliable connection in most network applications.

Easy installation
The field assembly connector can be assembled directly on the end of cable just within minutes. And the field assembly connectors can be assembled easily and quickly in the field without the additional fiber termination tools. No epoxy, no polishing, no adhesive, no electricity required. Which makes the installation process easy and fast.

SC field assembly connector allows simple optical core connection without any additional practices, or adhesives. It is widely used in all fiber interconnection, such as telecom distribution, FTTH and FTTx, passive optical networks [ATM, WDM, Ethernet], Broadband, Cable TV(CATV) and so on.

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